Fashion For Life Is Open

I am happy to announce that Fashion For Life is open. Fashion for Life is the oldest and grandest of Second Life’s fashion event and one of Relay For Life of SL’s mega-events. It’s a ten sim fashion event featuring the generous offerings of more than 150 designers of clothing, accessories and poses – the essentials of fashionable life.

In a big change from the past, every item for sale at Fashion For Life is a donation item. Creators donate 15, 25, 50, 75 or 100% of all sales. This meant a lot of work for them.

There’s a fun little exploration game. On each sim you can find a souvenir made by the sim builder which you can get by donating 50 lindens to Relay For Life. Collect them all, wearing them with your passport hud and you can redeem your passport for one of over a dozen gifts.

Here is a list of store SLurls in alphabetical order.  Here is a list of store SLurls by sim.  I hope we captured the last minute moves and changes, but if not, it will be updated and corrected as soon as possible. With over 150 stores, there’s a lot to keep track of.