Fashion For Life at Relay Weekend


Be sure to stop by the campsite for Fashion For Life at Relay Weekend. The Relay kicks off at 10 AM SLT and continues for 24 hours. This marathon is a metaphorical recognition that cancer never sleeps and the efforts to prevent, treat and cure cancer must be as mindful and consistent as cancer is mindless and random.

rfl-2014 It can seem, at times, that cancer is inexorable. A century ago, it was. Thanks in large part to the efforts of the American Cancer Society – with the help and support of folks like you and the many participants in Relay For Life in their first and second lives, cancer is no longer inexorable. Instead, the tide has turned and the effort to fight cancer is what is inexorable today...

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2015 Is Sooner Than You Think

One thing that would have made this year much easier would have been a database of people who had already identified themselves as interested in participating in Fashion For Life. Whether I organize next year or not, I know a list of people to contact from the beginning will be of great value, so anyone who is interested in participating in Fashion For Life 2015 is invited to fill out this short form that will be handed over to the people organizing next year.

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Fashion For Life – Final Report

Fashion For Life closed on the 20th and all the donations are in. The total raised was L3,008,078 or $12,032. This is less than anticipated based on past year’s experience, but this was the first Fashion For Life in summer instead of spring. In surveying participants, one of the more consistent suggestions for improvement was to return Fashion For Life to its springtime slot so that it does not compete with summer vacation and beautiful weather than tempts people outside and away from their keyboards.

Seventy-three participants completed an anonymous online survey in order to help Relay For Life and next year’s organizing team find ways to do even better.  On a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest, the average rating for the event overall was 3...

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Exclusive Fashion for Life by JUMO | BOSL Fashion Feed

Exclusive Fashion for Life by JUMO | BOSL Fashion Feed.

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Across The Grid With Lindal Kidd!: Shop Till You Drop…and Do Good!

Across The Grid With Lindal Kidd!: Shop Till You Drop…and Do Good!.


Lindal Kidd on Fashion For Life sims and passport game.

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glorfblog: FFL

glorfblog: FFL.

Part One of Glorf Bulmer’s tour of Fashion For Life – and passport game play.

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glorfblog: More FFL meandering

glorfblog: More FFL meandering.


Part Two of Glorf Bulmer’s tour of Fashion For Life

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Chasing Summer By Paisley Daisy

One of Second Life’s fantastic designers, who “sheer elegance” is known grid wide, is the Queen of Sheer, Joeylin of Paisley Daisy! Joeylin has created, the divine Chasing Summer! Chasing Summer is a floral pattern, Mint Green, Olive, and Lilac colored textured 2 piece silk ensemble of a crop styled belly baring top, with V bodice straps that descends, in the back, into 2 wider spaced straps, that are adorned with detachable Lilac and Green flowers. The slim fitting, high waist skirt, shimmers delicately, down the body, into graceful folds at the feet. The top’s hem edge, waist, and hem of the skirt are adorn in Lilac...

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Tie the knot

Happy Friday! I have a couple of Fifty Linden Friday releases to show you. It’s also the final couple of hours for Fashion For Life, so do be sure you check it out before it ends at 11:59 pm SLT tonight!

The adorable bench I am sitting on is from Sway’s, as is the knot artwork. These items are both available for L$50 for FLF today, so go grab them! Also for FLF, from, are my cute heels. The artwork and this gorgeous lingerie set from Blacklace inspired this photo… the concept of “tying the knot.” The candles from Collage for We <3 Role-Play helped to set the perfect mood.

Tie the knot

My gorgeous skin is Evie by Lumae for The Cart Sale. This beautiful skin can be yours for just L$10!

Bargain beauty

Happy weekend to you all!


Lumae: Evie skin – honey -Sizzle The Cart Sale

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Once upon a time in Second Life…: FASHION FOR LIFE – MIAMAI AND DONNA FLORA

Once upon a time in Second Life…: FASHION FOR LIFE – MIAMAI AND DONNA FLORA.

Isabelli Anatine did a lovely post about MiaMai and Donna Flora

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